The VR cinema space presents some of the VR 360° films that were submitted from around the globe!  And you do not want to miss that amazing program!

We are honored also to have the new 8K wireless Skyworth VR headsets along with other interactive experiences showcases.

The VR cinema space will be open to the public with no extra charge.

The films are not represented by any order:

  • Fire in the Forest by Tadeu Jungle (Brazil)
  • Through Darcelle's Eyes by Rachel Bracker and Brad Gill (USA)
  • Angel Falls, Venezuela by Air Pano
  • Experience Sinai (Egypt)
  • We Shall Have Peace by Zahra Rasool (South Sudan)
  • Caribbean reef shark, Cuba by Air Pano
  • The Goldfish Theory by Thomas Pape and Jacob Thorndahl (Denmark)
  • Tree Huggers by Matt Rowell (USA)
  • New York, USA. City of Skyscrapers by Air Pano
  • River of Mud by Tadeau Jungle (Brazil)
  • Meet thousand Island Lake by 7Mphoto (China)
  • Here and there by Kirill Halitsky (Belarus)
  • Dream fashion show by MXVR (China)
  • Magic show by Peter Van den Wyngaert (Belgium)
  • Lake Baikal by Michael Owen, Georgy Molodtsov (Russia/USA)
  • Back to the Past by Michael Kolchesky (France)
  • Peace for triple piano by Vi Hart and Henry Segerman (USA)
  • The Disappearing Oasis by Viktorija Mickute (Morocco)
  • Chengdu Panda Base by Air Pano & UtoVR (China/Russia)
  • Filamu by Maud Clavier (France/Tanzania)
  • Anima by Daniel Dou (Spain)
  • Lily story by Hugh Hou (USA)
  • The capital city of Vilnius by Mindaugas Dvaronaitis (Lithuania)
  • Caribbean reef shark, by Air pano (Cuba)
  • China, Colourful mountains of the Zhangye Danxia Geopark by Air Pano (China)
  • Ship Cemetery in Truk Lagoon by Air Pano ( Micronesia)
  • Winter, Leave by Viktorija Mickute (North Macedonia)
  • Liza Alert by Egor Isaev (Russia)
  • Wadi Rum Desert, The Valley of the Moon, by Air pano ( Jordan)
  • Lake Baikal, Magical Ice by Air pano (Russia)
  • The Choice by Joanne-Aska Popinska (Canada/Poland)
  • Hermitage VR and is made by and Super8Pro by order of Artecom (Russia)
  • Ancient to Modern - Jerusalem Marathon by Asi Teichthal (Israel)
  • Purim- Celebrating in Jerusalem by Asi Teichthal (Israel)


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Selection Curated by:

Michael Kolchesky Visual Solutions 360

Michael Kolchesky is CEO of Visual Solutions 360°. From 2012 she has been based in Paris, France and has collaborated on large-scale projects around the globe as a VR technical consultant, 360 VR camera operator, and a VR post-production expert. She has contributed to over 30 cinematic VR projects and worked as a 360 panoramic…

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  1. Thanks, Luc. It was successful in Tokyo and this year looks to be just as amazing! What list are you looking for other than one provided and the program? To view them, we only have rights to show them at the conference and not general distribution rights.

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