Learn effective storytelling in VR videos and how to monetize them with a true master of the medium, Emmy Award-nominated Al Caudullo.

Saturday, January 27th at 10 AM ET, 7 AM PT, 3 PM UTC.

When it comes to telling a persuasive, engaging story, every medium has a language developed over decades, centuries, even millennia. For instance, in film/video, you have long, medium, and close shots. Different lenses expand or compress space. You control exactly what and when something is shown. There is pacing in how you edit these different pieces together… and so much more.

VR video has almost none of that. It is a very different medium that most of us are just starting to figure out. The gee-wiz factor of viewing a basic VR video can quickly evaporate. So how do you keep the viewer engaged? How do you use the unique qualities of VR video to convey a uniquely persuasive story?

Al Caudullo is a master of VR Video. He has worked worldwide with a list of major clients and awards a mile long. And he will be sharing his wealth of secrets and revelations with us.

Are you new to or just thinking about getting into VR video? This webinar will give you a huge leg up on developing your abilities. Already a master of the medium? You will gain new insights and perspectives informed by your experience (which we hope you’ll share). If you only produce VR still projects you will still gain knowledge and perspective to help there.

BONUS: Al and DeoVR's Katya Bart will show us how he makes money with VR Video using a Premium Channel on DeoVR.

The presentation will run about an hour with a 1/2-hour Q&A period afterward.

The live webinar is free to the VR/XR community, but you must register to attend:

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This is the first in a series of IVRPA webinars for 2024 with content for VR/XR creatives that you won’t easily find elsewhere. Webinars coming soon include:

Digital Twins, February 24th — an approach and VR/XR product that opens serious new markets and opportunities for many of us. It can be exceedingly valuable for many organizations… and most don’t know it.

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