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Can't make it to the IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & Video Conference? Watch conference LIVE online on June 10-13th, 2019

Our 14th annual conference will feature four days of talks, workshops, and panels - watch LIVE and learn from key players at the forefront of the 360º VR industry. As a virtual delegate, you will be able to "tune in" and watch proceedings LIVE from Belfast. You will also be able to access the video on demand archive for up to 12 months after the conference - so you won't miss a thing!


What will you learn?

We want all our members and friends to have the opportunity to experience our conferences.

  • Watch LIVE anytime, from anywhere.
  • Learn from our international panel of creators and producers of 360° interactive, immersive images & video
  • Be inspired by our knowledgeable and experienced speakers
  • Hear from professional photographers, videographers, programmers, web developers, designers, software developers, hardware manufacturers, artists, and VR enthusiasts
  • Soak in the knowledge & learn from our expert panel of speakers
  • Share key learning points, fresh thinking, and new ideas with your team in the office.
  • Stay informed & and keep up to date with the latest trends and insight
  • Access exclusive video content from the conference - made available live and on-demand to virtual delegates only.
  • Watch recorded sessions all year round. You have access to the video on demand archive for > 12 months

We know by filming the conference it will provide inspiration & education to those that can't travel, or don't have the budget or time to attend. Don't miss out; our on-demand coverage is the next best thing to being there.

Registration Required

Register HERE and we'll send you unique login details for the conference. You can watch live and on-demand. All recorded presentations will remain online for 12 months of access / further study.

7 thoughts on “Watch IVRPA Belfast 2019 LIVE and On-Demand

  1. Avatar

    Last year, I was surprised to realize that the IVRPA acquired an expensive recording system. I asked questions about such investment (more than $8000 US).

    I have been said that the equipment already paid for itself within 2 years. Based on my experience as an organizer of IVRPA conference, I am suspicious about this ROI. Anyway, after only 2 years, it’s either actually collecting dust in a closet or is used by someone. And this 8K guy didn’t show up to work during Belfast 2019?

    As a former administrator of IVRPA, I have never been for acquisition of technologies like projector or video equipment. These technologies evolve way too quickly. The storage and transport between the annual conferences are problematic. On top of that, it is always possible to rent some locally. For Québec, it came as an option for the video guys.

    I remember that before Prague 2015, the videos were made available throughout the year. When I organized Prague 2015, I worked on a different modus operandi. I wanted to publish these talks very quickly. Danila Razin delivered the final video very quickly. Within weeks, all the videos were online.

    For Québec 2016, I repeat the experience. Same scenario, same videographer and boom! Videos were online for all members. Easy and free to members. At an insane cost for IVRPA. and for the benefits of all the members.

    What is the cost of video production for Belfast?
    Who gets the money?

    • Sam Rohn

      Belfast video production team was very professional and that was money well spent imo, the one video i have seen of ricoh keynote looks great, but otherwise hiding the result of everyone’s hard work on this conf behind an off-site subdomain paywall makes no sense at all to me, as mentioned by other ivrpa members here and elsewhere it kinda removes the only benefit of ivrpa membership

      as luc said, video from prague 2015 and quebec 2016 were delivered very promptly to members and public and this was very well received by all, after that there were problems with vienna 2017 video and same problem with tokyo 2018, now tokyo vids have vanished and ivrpa is hiding new belfast 2019 video from everyone but a very small handful of ppv viewers, i am not clear how this ppv-only decision benefits the org or members in any way?

      hopefully the current ivrpa board of directors will consider these facts of declining membership and traffic in direct relation to conf video delays and other problems, and the opinions of long time members who feel that ivrpa videos should not be a fee on top of membership and conf tkt, and that conf videos would be of more benefit to promoting ivrpa and its sponsors as well as educating members and the public in the proper ivrpa video archive vs hidden behind a paywall

      • Avatar

        As I said, the information I got is that the video system, used for Vienna and Tokyo, paid for himself.
        video from prague 2015 and quebec 2016 were delivered very promptly to members and public and this was very well received by all, after that there were problems with vienna 2017 video and same problem with tokyo 2018, now tokyo vids have vanished

        I am speechless.

  2. Sam Rohn

    unfortunately, it would seem the current ivrpa board of directors has decided to hide all of this year’s conference videos behind a paywall fee on top of membership and conf fees, so they are not available to members as in past years

    personally i think all conference videos should be on the ivrpa members video archive and youtube channel where they will be of more benefit to ivrpa sponsors, members, and the general public, as well as hopefully help reverse the recent decline in members and web traffic

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