IVRPA 2015

Welcome to the New IVRPA Website !

At long last, IVRPA has begun the next step of our long journey, we have updated our entire website to a new platform, which will allow further upgrades and new features in the near future.

We have imported all currently active IVRPA members as of March 2015, if you have an active member account on the old IVRPA website, you must first reset your password using the email address you were registered with and you will receive new login/pass info via email.

If you are not currently an IVRPA member or or your membership is presently expired, please feel free to create a new account, see the Join IVRPA page for more info

Please contact web@ivrpa.org if you have any problems logging in or other questions.

New Look, New Features

This new site has all the features of our old site, VR industry and member news, member profile pages, "find a photographer" member search, members may post still and interactive panoramas, etc.

Plus many new features, our new site is fully responsive and mobile device compatible, support for HTML5 panoramas, 360° video, virtual tours, gigapixel, etc, easy direct embeds of panoramas in news and forum posts, advanced social media (facebook, twitter, google+, etc) integration, and more!

No More Separate Conference Sites!

For the past few years, IVRPA has created a new yearly domain and website for each conferences, these disposable website sites are soon forgotten and lost after the conference is over, and this strategy has been depriving our main website of content and traffic, so from now on, all IVRPA conferences and conference news will be part of this main site!

What About the Old Website ?

The original IVRPA website remains available as a static archive here - archive.ivrpa.org

Our previous website 2005-2014 was built and maintained by Aldo Hoeben and has served IVRPA well for many years, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and upgrade, and we were unfortunately not able to import existing content from old site (news, panoramas, forums etc) to this new site, although all member data has been imported.

a BIG thanks from all of IVRPA to Aldo for all his hard work over many years !

And special thanks to Luc Villeneuve & Jürgen Schrader for their support in testing and launching this new website.

So please enjoy this site, and post any comments or questions in the forums

Sam Rohn
IVRPA Webmaster
March 15 2015

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