The IVRPA Board of Directors is pleased to announce two long standing IVRPA members who have stepped up to join the IVRPA Board Directors in 2023. We are excited by the new perspectives’ and experience they bring to the IVRPA Board and they have are already contributing significantly to our webinar program for this year. Here are their brief bios:

Jeremiah Scott

Jeremiah joins the board after being a long time participant in IVRPA. He is an Associate Technical Fellow and the leader of the Advanced Photographic Engineering eXperience team at Boeing. With over twenty years of technical photography and spherical imaging at Boeing, several patented technologies and building a very successful integrated service around 360 photography for manufacturing processes, Jeremiah is excited to join the IVRPA board of directors. He looks forward to bringing his vision of industrial and business focused value to not only the IVRPA members but also to partner organizations and sponsors in order to enable major impacts for our membership and empower our organization for many years to come.

Loren Ybarrondo

“It was as a mechanical engineer doing Finite Element Analysis work that I became fascinated with the use of immersive environments as a design tool. That technical background and a love of nature photography led to learning how to build immersive environments from imagery instead of geometry. I strive to build technically sound and visually beautiful virtual tours. Most of my work has been for large museums that are increasingly interested in virtual reality as a tool. I’m looking forward to seeing what the members are up to and how we can all advance the utility and professionalism of our industry.” You can see more of Loren’s work at

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