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What's Next for 360º Video?

Over the last decade, Virtual Reality and 360º video techniques and content have progressed enormously yet somewhat side by side. This talk by Nathalie Mathe at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference examines how the separate trends of real-time interactive graphics (CG) and 360º video are converging in the near future to expand immersive and interactive narrative possibilities. Nathalie Mathe will present an overview of the latest tools and workflow for interactive 360º video, stereo depth, 360/CG compositing, photogrammetry, volumetric video, light field video, realistic real-time CG rendering, machine learning and virtual characters with examples of use cases. All these hot buzz words can be confusing and misleading. Understanding what they are and how they fit within a larger framework is important to be able to take the right decisions. These techniques open up new roads for creators to produce fully interactive 6DoF photorealistic experiences and explore spatial storytelling possibilities.




Nathalie Mathe is an award winning Virtual Reality creator and animation and documentary shorts director. She runs NativeVR, a VR studio crafting unique experiences, in which she created and produced UTURN, an interactive 360 comedy examining gender inequalities in the tech industry. Over the past four years she contributed to over 35 cinematic Virtual Reality…

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