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Rotational Stereo Panoramas Workshop

One Photographer, one camera, one 8mm lens, and a tripod is all that's needed to make a perfect stereo panorama. From pre-production to publication in just 15 minutes.

After experiencing capture side by side, with different sensors, optics, and interaxial distances, we saw that the parallax is equal to the appearance of stitching errors. We knew that we needed something new, something different. We needed the best photographers and the best software engineers – Javier Baranano with Jürgen Schrader and Roman Dudek – to get the first error-free stereopanography, and standardize the system.

Stereopanography opens up a huge market niche for professional photographers. The Virtual Reality train had to slow down to solve the many technical challenges that become obvious after the initial fad was over, but now that train is picking up speed and it includes our first class wagon of top quality still panoramas.


Chapel - Javi Baranano

One thought on “Rotational Stereo Panoramas Workshop – Tokyo 2018

  1. The wkshp is full.
    Could I have some information after the wkshop?
    For instance, which affordable tool and user friendly software would you recommend?
    Thank you

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