Together, Karl - and art enthusiasts to the 1200th anniversary of the death of Charlemagne realised an installation by the artist Prof. Dr. Ottmar Hörl.

from the artists Webseite.

500 x Karl. Do we need this? We have enough awareness of Karl in Aachen? Karl everywhere you look. Certainly in the Charles year 2014 - the year where its 1200th manifold will offer anniversary occasion for events, exhibitions and thematic preoccupation with him. Must now also still an art professor from Nürnberg come and not only multiply our Karl, but also still a shrink him to a meter dwarf? Where there's the regard for the historical figure? Is this not even a little disrespectful at the end? Yes, exactly! Charlemagne has not only scientifically shown in the year of Karl, but also symbolically taken from the base.