In summer 2014 The beloved mermaid of Helsinki Havis Amanda got a hotel room all her own. Invited by the Helsinki Art Museum, Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi (b. 1960) has concepted a unique art project around the statue. From public artworks in the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum, Nishi chose Havis Amanda, or just Manta as she is commonly known, created by sculptor Ville Vallgren in 1905. Hotel Manta of Helsinki is Nishi’s first work in the Nordic countries.

All nights in the hotel were sold out immediately. During the two months Hotel Manta of Helsinki attracted to the Market Square 23 562 visitors around the world.

Hotel Manta of Helsinki was a hotel room built around the statue of Manta in the central Market Square. The space designed by Nishi served as a hotel room by night, and as an open exhibition space during the day. The work not only created a new surrealist setting for the monument, it offered a new perspective on the statue. Manta could be met at eye level.

The project was produced by the Helsinki Art Museum and it was a part of the Helsinki Festival programme in 2014. In cooperation with Museum of Finnish Architecture and Design Museum. The work was supported by The Cenetary Foundation of the Finnish Society of Crafts and Design.
(Text: Helsinki Art Museum)