Virtual Welcome to OSAKA STATION CITY

Information, North-South Bridge on the 3rd floor.

Opening hours; 10:00-20:00

Languages; Japanese, English, Chinese

Services; Information, Paging, Keeping lost and found items, Tour registration, Merchandising and etc.

Direct Link to the Virtual Tour


  • Click thumbs to open Google Maps

  • Location; Carillon Plaza / Manual f/5.6 ISO-100 SS1/5


    Location; Osaka Station / ISO Priority f/2.1 ISO-100 SS1/8


    Location; Toki no Hiroba / ISO Priority f/2.1 ISO-100 SS1/25

    Location; Osaka Station City / ISO Priority f/3.5 ISO-100 SS1/60


    OSAKA...It's the most amazing and enthusiastic city in Japan. We give virtual welcome to all the visitors.


    Shooting Equipments;