360 panoramas from the RedBull Crashed Ice 2012

This race started near the Château Frontenac and finish beyond La Place Royale, on the Place de Paris, near the St.Lawrence River.

When I was working on the project, I said to the project manager of RedBull... It would be interesting to start the virtual tour from the third floor of the Château Frontenac. She said Of course! I don't know why but I always find a way to make my life just a little but more tricky. But the shot was challenging and promising.

The next step was to find a spot on the third floor so I talked to the media manager who invite me to see the window available at the end of the corridor. I told her the location is perfect but I won't be able to hold my gear properly, the window is too small. She then look at me and said We can remove the window for you. She gave me the telephone number of the maintenance guy. During the first rounds of the event, I went on the third floor, call the maintenance guy who removed the window, did a few shots and they replaced the window. Job done!

Sometimes, planning makes a big difference