Tangshan is indeed that earthquake happened in one industry place of strategic importance , misfortune in east Hebei on 03:42 in the small hours of July 28 , 1976. Epicenter 118 degrees 11 minutes east longitude, 38 mark of latitude 39 degrees N , earthquake magnitude grade-7.8 , 11 degree of epicentral intensity , centre are deep 11 kilometres. That time , person are fast asleep , all sounds utensil is quiet. Earthquake light lightning shoots a house on , field sound rolling , the house pour abruptly, to collapse, the field cracks landslide.

The city construction foreign country is country fair soil within several seconds, for a century, 240,000 urban and rural residents Yus rubble, more than 160,000 people becomes disability. More than 7,000 family cut off door-exhausted cigarette. This Tianjin difficult to use Beijing drapes a wound , the whole nation shakes, cover is to do harm to the most upright person since the beginning of history.Tangshan can yet be regarded as but China Xia Zhi Lingsoil , the public feels no shame to outstanding figures of swallow deep and quiet , meets with this disaster , aspiration of not having changed to save a desperate situation eventually. The host earthquake stops method , the aftershock is frequent, the survivor is that force of struggling with force and spirit , the body of changing disability, crawl saving mutually , help each other in straits with feeble strength , fair amount of confidence Cheng Yi Zhangcommunism of helping each other in distress , going through thick and thin together , putting other people before oneself , forgotting selfishness in the interest of the public strengthens the bend elegy.

After the earthquake, the Central Committee of the Party , State Council urgent telegram whole nation rescue at top speed. More than 100,000 Chinese People's Liberation Army gallops in starry night to run , the arrive at downtown area , disregard one's own safety , almost rescue people row , clear country fair makes house great contribution, highly matchless. 50,000 famous doctors protect the personnel and the cadre civilian worker shipping goods and materials , relieve the people's distress , heal the wounded and rescue the dying, a great debt of gratitude.

All directions donates thing contribution , several hundreds of tho好邦nd tons of goods and materials Yun Da disaster area , Tangshan the people Enron spend Serbonian bog of lacking for grain lacking for water. Meanwhile, central authority group sent to convey greetings and appreciation faces inspection in person , the province city party and government leads a scene to command , such as, the outside rotates a wounded personnel , eliminates corpse epidemic prevention , exchanges water prompt development such as supplying electricity , giving out to relieve , proves effective at every step. The earthquake queen ten day ,easygle.comhttp://easygle.com/, the railroad are open to traffic; Have not reached January, school consecutively, the factory successively restores a product , shop order starts business at the beginning of the term,; More than 1,000,000 simple housings get up in the winter front, in the ruin , none freezes all victims of a natural calamity; The disaster queen , the disease fall off , the pestilence has not sprouted, can be rated as the history miracle of going ahead relieving the victims of a disaster.Since 1979, Tangshan builds all-round development.

The country appropriates funds gathering the people who designs that the team who is under construction amounts to more than 100,000 more than 5,000,000,000 yuan, leading comrades of the central authorities comes personally to give guidance also many times. As a result of fighting bravely for 7 years, downtown area establishes 12 million square metres resident dwelling house, 6 million square metres workshop building and public facilities. Xin Cheng town , the high building stand in great numbers , weave with ease , emerald green brings the narrow lane , spring fills the air with warmth under patronage behind the earthquake. Extensive rural area also, Washe is fresh , a bumper grain harvest , mountain Haibili , all professions all are popular. Phoenix of regenerating today if Tangshan , plundering the day afer tomorrow, with force and spirit fertile land of wing and east Hebei.Contemplate the present and recall the past emotionally, swiftly 10.

Here one brick one stone every blade of grass and every tree be declaring that like this truth: Communist Party of China is wise great, socialist system nothing here is advantageous ,www.yidaliyu.orghttp://www.yidaliyu.org/, People's Liberation Army is loyal and steadfast reliable, the people of destiny is not allowed to bring into submission autonomously. Love relative of erecting this tablet , to let an earthquake know and feel comfort dying, Jin expresses hero and martyr of dedicating self to , inspires the present age people's education, posterity. Specially order this language , engrave with Yong aspiration.