The most exciting and spectacular movie theme park in Asia.

Tons of tourists from all over the world vist Universal Studio Japan.

Enjoy amaging night-life around Universal City walk.


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HARD ROCK CAFE / Manual ISO-80 f/2.1 1/8


Pano2VR Pro Ver.6.1 beta3b

  1. Auto Rotation, Change Node Random with filter Tag
  2. Transition Wipe Random
  3. Toggle fullscreen, Inertia enable
  4. Simple Floor Plan with Radar
  5. Map show on open, Hide Menu on open
  6. Accordion Thumbnail Menu with Categories
  7. Hotspot Callout Circle
  8. Direction Simplex for mobile
  9. Fullscreen Simplex for Desktop
  10. Gyroscope Simplex for mobile on deactivate auto rotation
  11. Loading Bar Simplex
  12. Toggle Map Simplex


Shooting Equipments;

Adobe ACR 360–Aware Feature Overview
"Lens correction" has been unsupported or partially-supported controls yet. Do it before stitching, otherwise the Seam Line issue may remain unresolved.