Justin Ferber

Justin Ferber - IVRPA Sponsor Member

Luxury VR 360°

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Dear IVRPA members, I am sending my candidate statement to confirm that I would like to be elected to the BOD of the IVRPA. My name is Justin Glynn Ferber, British/German. I am a company director mostly working on high risk projects. However also a visionary that likes to take a keen interest in future trends. My sales and media background has led me around the world working alongside many Blue chip companies, Governments and Royalty. I believe that the IVRPA already has many distinguished experts capable of presenting your views about VR photography, latest camera techniques, panoramas & politics. I will bring to the board 32years of media experience and contacts. This year my company invested in creating a social media platform dedicated to VR. (luxvr360.com) and I am committed to following closely all global laws and future trends. I can help steer the IVRPA into a position that we can attract a younger generation of member that will shape the future of VR worldwide. Key areas you can rely on me are; • Media relations • New Member development • Developing contact with corporate sponsors Through my knowledge, access and expertise I will commit to bring forward the necessary conversations with agreed strategic sponsors and potential partners, Educators and political allies around the world. I will publish a full biography shortly, If you would like a snapshot then please feel free to search me on LinkedIn and add me as a friend. If elected to represent you on the BOD at the IVRPA I will always present a straightforward honest approach that will steer the vision , communication and longevity that we all want in VR. Kindest regards, Justin G. Ferber