Stephanie Willcox - IVRPA Director Member

JW Photography LLC

, Illinois,
Owner - JW Photography. I manage a team of 5 photographers, a videographer and drone operator, 3 developers and a Business Liaison in the office. I am a certified EDWOSB, minority woman owned business in Illinois. We have done work all over the country in Virtual tourism and with government contracts with projects of Historic Preservation for DNR and NPS. My team and I have developed an immersive way to deliver 360° 3D environments and objects to persons with disabilities in compliance with the WCAG guidelines. Our strengths are in the 17 years of photography experience as a studio and creating high resolution gigapano images. Our most exciting focus is our work for those with vision impairment (I am literally taking gigapanos for the blind!) I want to inspire the community of virtual creators with a vision of collaborative innovation and be able to make all our content better.