Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey - IVRPA Sponsor Member

Bill Bailey LLC dba Nodal Ninja

Chandler, Arizona, United States
Bill Bailey is C.E.O. of Bill Bailey LLC. Bill owned and operated a successful photography company in Alaska for 4 years (1994-1999) called Northern Exposure Photography of Alaska. Bill's photography interests ultimately lead him to panoramic photography. While seeking out panoramic tripod heads himself, he learned about Nick of Fanotec (then Digital Initiatives). Nick’s company was still in early development and in need of distribution and marketing person. So under agreement with Fanotec, Bill created Bill Bailey LLC dba Nodal Ninja which today leads the industry in offering VR hardware solutions Those that know him personally, and through the forums and conferences, will testify to his commitment to support and love of panoramic photography. Bill is also a humanitarian and philanthropist has contributed to many charitable causes over the years.