Bill Bailey - -

Nodal Ninja / Fanotec
To our Friends, Customers, and Fan's, It is with great sadness that I am announcing our plans to close the Nodal Ninja operations here in the US effective Oct 28th 2019. Nodal Ninja will now be headquartered in Hong Kong under the control of Nick Fan of Fanotec International. All future orders will funnel through our authorized dealers. IVRPA: The IVRPA has been part of our history since 2007 and I personally feel a responsibility to the community to voice concerns and opinions surrounding its declining state of affairs and I understand if some may not agree. As a sponsor, we have invested in 9 and participated in 7 of the 14 or so IVRPA conferences. We have strongly supported the core values for which the organization once stood for but times have changed. Other members and sponsors have also shared concerns about how the IVRPA is handling things. I would encourage existing members and sponsors to evaluate your membership and participation against the stated benefits ( With so many growing allegations it's quite apparent 360-degree change is needed from the "top" down. Because we've lost passion and enthusiasm for the IVRPA we can no longer in good conscious recommend it to anyone considering joining, investing or sponsoring. We do hope positive change is forth coming. From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone for everything - it's been a fun ride :-) Cheers, Bill ps - for more details please visit our forum