NYC 2012

The International Virtual Reality Photography Association Conference

The IVRPA 360° Panoramic Photography Conference

Join us in New York City on June 13-16 2012 for the latest and greatest in 360º Photography

NYC2012 – The International Panoramic Photography Conference will take place in New York City at B&H Superstore Event Space from June 13 – 16, 2012.

The program will include four days of incredible VR Photography Talks, Workshops and Scenic Walks in NYC surrounded by the most talented members of our community.

NYC2012 Talks will cover a wide range of subjects from 360º panoramas to 360º Video, from hardware to software, as well as the artistic uses of 360º panorama imaging.

NYC2012 Workshops will include a hands on tutorial from the masterminds behind some of the best panorama creation software currently available in our industry.

NYC2012 Scenic Walks include the Chelsea Art Gallery Tour by Joergen Geerds on June 14 and the NYC Amazing Views Walk by Sam Rohn on June 16. Join us for four days of panoramic photography fun in New York City!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 3:00pm NYC 2012 Marketplace at Hotel TRYP New York Times Square South 3:00pm NYC2012 Check In at Hotel TRYP New York Times Square South 8:00pm Informal Group Dinner Wednesday, June 13, 2012 9:00am NYC2012 Last Minute Check In at B&H Event Space 9:30am NYC2012 Welcome Speeches 10:00am Aaron Spence – The Seaview Project 11:00am Coffee Break 11:30am Jook Leung – Street photography with fisheye lenses 12:15pm Akila Ninomiya – Japan – Pano-Journalism 2011-2012 1:00pm Lunch Break 2:30pm AYRTON360 – Let’s Spin With Me 3:15pm Mike Corrado – The Nikon D800 “Ultimate Image Quality. Full Cinematic Experience” 4:00pm Coffee Break 4:30pm Thomas Rauscher – Pano2VR 4.0 Sneak Preview 5:15pm Oleg Gaponyuk & Sergey Semenov: AirPano - Flying over the world's wonders 7:30pm Official NYC 2012 Opening Dinner at Ichiumi - Free to all NYC 2012 attendees Thursday, June 14, 2012 7:00am Earlybird PanoWalk on the NYC Highline with David Nicholas 9:00am Oleg Gaponyuk & Sergey Semenov: AirPano - Flying over the world's wonders 9:30am Coffee Break 10:00am Joergen Geerds – The Future of Array Video Cameras 11:00am Alexandre Jenny – A sneak preview of Autopano 3.0 and Panotour 2.0 12:00pm Thomas Erh – 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration 12:45pm Richard Broo & Pedro Diaz - 360º Video Technologies 1:30pm Lunch Break 2:30pm Artyom Kamshilin – Panoramas in HDR: Challenges and Solutions 3:15pm Denis Gadbois - How 2D and 3d design notion can improve panorama composition 4:00pm Coffee Break 4:30pm Charles Armstrong – The Vincent van Gogh Effect 5:15pm Ryan Whitehead – The 360 on 360º video 6:00pm Chelsea Art Gallery Tour - Group visit trough Chelsea Art Galleries 8:00pm Informal Group Dinner Friday, June 15, 2012 7:00am Earlybird PanoWalk on the NYC Highline with David Nicholas 9:00am Scott Highton – VR Photography Business Practices 10:00am Stephen Meyer – Beyond Just Being There 11:00am Coffee Break 11:30am Urs Krebs – 360° HDR Photography – time is money! 12:15pm Gordon Fowler – iPanography 1:00pm We need to vacate B&H between 1:30pm and 2pm (no exceptions) B&H Closes every Friday at 2pm 1:30pm Lunch Break 2:30pm Luc Villeneuve – Museum Quality Panohead Calibration 3:15pm Willy Kaemena – Aerial Panoramas without flying 4:00pm Coffee Break 4:30pm Matthias Taugwalder – The Panoramic Experience – Think Big and Outside the Screen 5:15pm Jürgen Schrader – Panoramas for the News 6:00pm Ulas Aksan – The Future of Panoramic VR Systems 8:00pm Official NYC 2012 Closing Dinner at Carmine's - Free to all NYC 2012 Attendees 10:00pm NYC 2012 Group Photo at Times Square Saturday, June 16, 2012 9:00am Jan van der Woning 9:45am Hatem Ghamdi – Wow Passport, memory of trips 10:15am Pano2VR Workshop hands on Tutorial 11:15am Kolor Workshop - Autopano & PanoTour Hands On Tutorial at the Hotel 12:15pm IVRPA Members Meeting NYC 2012 - June 16, 2012, 4pm UTC 1:00pm Lunch Break 2:30pm NYC Amazing Walk - Sam Rohn's Guided Tour of New York City Showing events until 11/15. Look for more
The International VR Photography Association is proud to partner with B&H Photo, New York City’s largest pro photography, audio & video shop. The B&H Event Space is a leading-edge learning environment designed to educate, inspire, and cultivate a community of like-minded individuals, who aspire to be great at what they love to do. By offering free workshops and lectures in photography, video and pro audio, it is our mission to help those in this community achieve their goals. The B&H Event Space partners with major manufacturers in the imaging industry and academic institutions in the arts to produce a wide range of workshops and seminars covering a vast spectrum of topics. B&H “Mavens,” employees who are experts on a specific topic, teach classes in the Event Space. On Sundays, high-profile and emerging photographers, as well as industry professionals, deliver inspirational lectures about their work and spin their personal tales of success.