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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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I am a passionate, Google street view photographer. I comes from a tech background having 21 years of experience in software engineering. Wanting a change in career, he ventured into photography. I am open to work any where in the world. I specialize in highly customized, Guided Virtual Tours of all types of real estates. These tours have in-built audio video conferencing feature. There are excellent marketing tools for real estate. I founded a Photography and Visualization company which is focusing on creating a 3D world where the user can find his property in a fully virtual environment. My vision is to give users an immersive experience of the property from the comfort of their own home. His company specializes in advanced and highly customized virtual tours which are very appealing. Business owners have started to realize the importance of having a guided virtual tour as part of their marketing strategy. Not only virtual tours visually engage the potential clients or customers, but it also give them the ability to get a much better understanding of the entire project/property, and what you can offer to them as a business owner.

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