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    Patrick Hayes
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    I’m very new to 360 video and I hope I’m not starting a thread or topic that is active somewhere else. Did a search and could not find similar.

    My interest and concern is that I have a limited budget of about $1000 to purchase a rig for 360 video. I’ve explored what looks like only the surface of the topic and I’m reading all I can to build out my vocabulary and knowledge on it. I am a professional freelance content producer and would like to present 360 video as an option for production.

    So back to the $1000 and the gear options out there. It looks to me that these are the highest quality contenders (4k is desired) for this price. The first two aren’t available until later this year. They all appear to be user friendly, plug and play affairs.

    Samsung Gear 360 – http://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/gear-360/ – estimated to cost $350
    Vuze – http://vuze.camera – estimated cost $800
    Kodak SV360 4k Pro pack – https://store.mypixpro.com/?route=product/product&path=70&product_id=76

    So any experience with these cameras? Would I be better blowing my budget on one of the numerous GoPro rigs out there? That said, by blow, by only a couple of extra hundred dollars. Would have to purchase GoPro cams as well.

    Eventually, after testing the waters with a starter cam, I’ll look toward more expensive options but I’m kind of stuck with this budget for now…

    Thanks for any help you might provide! What a great forum!



    Wan Jing
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    Same question here! Hope some pro can give some advise. Thanks


    Luke Albers
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    You might consider using one of our mounts that is designed to work with either GoPros or similar action cameras. You can use cheaper action cameras like the SJ4000 or Xiamoi Yi. If you shop around, you could have a complete rig with 6 cameras for under $600.

    I personally started the same way, using 4K-capable SJCam knockoffs from aliexpress.




    Sam Rohn
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    IVRPA maintains list of 360° video cameras, resources, and tutorials here –




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    If you use an unsynchronized rig (genlock), I recommend a 2 cam solution such as the one from Kodak. Less cams, less errors.



    Eugenio Saravo
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    From what I’ve seen on the internet the samsung gear 360 produces a way better image than the kodak rig. Evan DevinSupertramp has used it in one of its videos. If you want to see it here’s the link: https://youtu.be/HsuWu_70PU4

    To see more videos have a look at our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF-L8ccf_hQQ1RRP-M92Z5Q


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    Hello, I have a similar question. Does the Yi 4k work with GoPro based mounts?
    I have the Freedom360 Trio Rig.
    Could I modify the Yi 4k with Entaniya 220 fisheye leses and use that instead of the GoPro’s?

    I am asking because I am running on a limited budget.


    The Twitt
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    Hi, @Patrick Hayes

    A Virtual Reality News Portal


    Pierre Gielen
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    I’m selling a used Qbic panorama rig for EUR 600. Like this one: https://www.elmousa.com/product/qbic-panorama-x/. Only my camera’s are white and f/2.0 in stead of f/2.2 and they’re also water resistant. Set includes 4 sd-cards and cables. Hasn’t been used much.

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