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    Mohamad Issa
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    I am capturing 360 videos using insta360 oneX camera 5.7k resolution. Then I export the videos to 4k by 2k resolution and around 70 bitrate/second mp4 files.
    I built a VR application using Unity3D for Lenovo Mirage solo VR headset, that loads videos from an SD card and plays them.
    The problem is that the videos are displayed in 360 with very bad resolution and very pixelized frames. I tried to use adobe premier to export better resolution videos yet no significant results were observed. Even I tried to increase the bitrate/second ratio yet nothing was observed.

    I kindly ask your assistant if you ever faced similar issue, please advise how to proceed or how to approach the video editing and exporting.

    Mohamad Issa.


    Brian Richards
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    Maybe IVRPA BoD member Juan Camilo Infante Barón can help he recently gave two webinars on building Unity apps for 360.

    Brian Richards
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