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    Patrick Nealis
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    I am traveling to Mexico next month and wanting to do some commercial photography for restaurants, clubs and hotels. I am wondering if anyone here has done something like this and if the could/would share knowledge on whether or not any permits or licenses are required? I traveling around the State of Jalisco.

    Thanks in advance.


    Sam Rohn
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    typically speaking, most countries do not require any sort of official license to be a commercial photographer, although there may be local labor laws about employing a foreign national etc,

    and typically a “permit” is not required for private property like a shop, permits are only for commercial photography in a public space like a street or park etc, private property typically only requires the property owner’s permission

    otherwise, a local film commission would help obtain permits and permission for commercial photography and film making in their region




    Patrick Nealis
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    Thanks for the response and the links, Sam. Very helpful.

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