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    Sergio Eschini
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    after stitching a 360 spherical pano image, I open it on photoshop for make some adjustments and sometimes I apply a color efx pro nik filter, but after the editing when I see the photo on VR mode I see an artifact line on stitch. Anybody know how to fix it?

    Thank you very much much


    Keith Martin
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    If you make edits to an equirect in Photoshop you always run the risk of this kind of problem. It’s generally better, where possible, to do that kind of adjustment to the individual images before you stitch. If this isn’t possible you can extract the zenith and nadir and do some touch-up work to eliminate the glitch.

    If your edits changed the left and right extremes differently and you now have a vertical line where the equirect wraps around and joins up that’s a tougher fix – but it’s doable by using Photoshop’s Offset filter (Filter > Other > Offset) to bring the seam around to the middle of the image and a separate process to extract the zenith and nadir for patching.

    I use Pano2VR for extracting patches from an equirect for fix-up edits, but I do my very best to make any and all wholesale adjustments to the individual shots before I stitch anything.


    Brendon Gee
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    Hey Guys,

    Not ideal but I use a combination of Photoshop and Affinity Photo for editing seams. Some great YouTube tutorial’s for Affinity on editing 360 pano’s

    Brendon Gee
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