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    Jamie Watkins
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    Hi guys, iv been looking around for some statistics on how virtual reality tours help to sell a property, e.g how many shares, views, sale time, leads generated, can anyone tell me what they know or have read? Cheers


    Anh Trinh
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    There are Virtual Tour service providers which specifically serve in Real Estate industry like Tmmoviewer, you may directly inbox them for numbers

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    Jennie Ross
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    Hi, MLS-Delivery.com provides tours that support 360° (Equirectangular images), still photographs and video tours specifically designed for the Real Estate industry. The only stat I can speak to is the average session duration. We see a dramatic increase on tours with 360° images verses tours containing only still and video. A traditional Real Estate virtual tour is viewed on average 2 minutes if the viewer has any interest in the property, add 360° to the mix it triples; it not uncommon to see 8 or 12 minutes.

    For information shares, views, sale time, leads generated etc… this is dependant on how the Agent who is marketing the property, leverages the technology.

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    Ara Parikh
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    A realtor used OmniVirt’s VR Player with interactive hotspots to advertise on The Casper Star-Tribune (local paper in Wyoming) and saw good results. See below for numbers:

    From the article:

    “Our sales strategy is based on how well we can engage customers. Our client was excited to be the only realtor in Casper to offer such an experience. Even better, the client doubled his average CTR to 0.44% and the house was sold in under two weeks,” says Sean Johnson, Ad Director from The Casper Star-Tribune.

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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