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    Andrew Neil
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    I am not a web designer or website engineer. How would you embed a 360 degree website on a clients website? What are the different methods for having your video play on a client’s website? Would you have to host the video or could the website owner host the video?


    Sam Rohn
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    all you need to do is properly upload all required files via ftp to your own or clients server, typically using an ftp client like filezilla or cyberduck

    you do not need to be an engineer, but you must become comfortable and familiar with the basics of ftp and uploading panorama files on a web server and using basic html, if not, your client might be better off hiring someone else to do it ;)

    for specific information about how to upload what files, you would need to consult the documentation for whatever panorama player you are using, pano2vr, krpano, panotour etc, as well as docs on the ftp client usage and the webhost you are using should provide support here as well

    note that 360° panoramas (including 360° video panoramas) are not the same as “normal” video, the media type and embed methods are totally different, most panoramas are html5 archives at this point in time

    to embed your already uploaded panorama, you would probably use an iframe, this is very simple but will require a bit of study of basic html and practice as well, and the specifics will always depend on your specific software and pano and website etc

    here is example iframe code, you would replace the dummy url with your own (tested and working) url after successful upload to server

    <iframe width="100%" height="500" src="http://www.MY-DOMAIN.com/PATH/pano.html" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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