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    TG20 360VR is a 360 camera rig that has a built-in gimbal. It can be used on a drone, handheld, or even attached to a helmet. Check out the sample videos!

    As of Q1 2017, there are a small handful of stabilized gimbals for 360 camera rigs. The TG20 360VR differs from them in that it already includes a rig for GoPro and similar cameras. By using a rig around the motors, the TG20’s motors are outside the cameras’ field of view.

    The TG20 can accommodate 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 GoPro Hero 3, 3+, or 4 (a holder for Hero 5 is coming soon). It can also be used with the Kodak SP360 4k, or the Z-Cam E1 (with Micro Four Thirds sensor). The TG20 can be used on a drone, monopod, dolly, jib, or even attached to a helmet.

    Here are the key specifications:
    Stabilizer Weight (with cameras): 1.9kg
    Stabilizer Weight (without cameras): 1.1kg
    Dimension: 22 x 22 x 26cm
    Carbon Fiber Tube Length: 60cm
    Battery life: 6 hours.
    Maximum Controllable Speed: PAN Axis 100 degree/second
    Controllable Angle Of Each Axis: PAN 360 degree
    Roll +-30 degree
    Pitch +-30 degree

    The TG20 can rapidly correct for movement with an accuracy within less than 0.05 degree.

    It is designed to be used on a DJI S900, S1000, or Matrix 600, but can be adapted to other drones with adequate payload capacity.

    TG20 VR Stabilizer

    TG20 VR Stabilizer for aerial shooting

    For more details of TG20 VR Stabilizer, please check:


    Or contact Stabilizer-Pro Danny Wong
    e-mail: sales@stabilizer-pro.com

    Professional 360VR Panoramic Rigs and Stabilizers Supplier.


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    hi danny –

    i saw this was posted a few times, seems there were a few dupes in our spam filter and a news article with the same content

    i deleted the others and restored this post, if you have any problems posting please do not repost, you can either email web@ivrpa.org or post any question in IVRPA website discussion forum and we will see what is going on behind the scenes and sort it out

    thanks ;)


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