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    Bartosz Krawczyk
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    I make a few inside real estate 360 photo ane strugle with problem that the deep part of room are to dark and the windows are to lit. I make everything in manual mode : F8 and ISO 100. When I try to set aperture time I have effect either to deep part or room looks good ( aperture 1/6) ( and windows are white becouse of too much light) or deep part od room look very dard ( aperture 1/30) and window area and everything outside looks good.
    In case of aperture 1/6 I can’t see nothing outside the window averything is white even trees and garden.
    How to set my camera ?


    J.C. Ramalho
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    Dear Bartosz,
    In my opinion, there is no standard to follow because each environment has its specific lighting characteristics. Camera in “M” mode, ISO-100, look at the environment and measure the light based on a mid-point, not too dark or too light. You start capturing with photometer indicating “0”, in the second the photometer is indicating “-1” or “+1”, readjust for “0”. Always take into account that more important than the value indicated in the photometer is the VISUAL ASPECT that you are seeing through the camera’s display. This is only the first step. EQUALIZING THE LIGHT completely, you will be able to do so through the Adobe LightRoom ADJUSTING and SYNCING all faces captured at each point. I hope my words can help you. See my latest works at:


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    Bartosz Krawczyk
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    I make next photos with exposure Braketing and Autopano do everything great.


    360VR Photography
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    I bracket each shot and then use Exposure Fusion in PTGui. I’ll first bracket for the brightest area -2/0/+2, do my shots all the way around and then I’ll bracket for the darkest area of -2/0/+2 and do another round of shots. So I’ll have 6 shots of just one area. It seems to be the only thing that works for me when I do Google Business View 360s and have the door open to try and get the inside and outside shots to be view-able.



    Keith Martin
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    If the light level difference isn’t too extreme you can do a lot by processing a single set of shots at the RAW processing point, recovering burned out highlights (as long as they aren’t actually blown and clipped) and lifting dark shadows. But if the difference is strong the only safe, professional solution (short of custom lighting control, which is very complex for 360 work) is to shoot bracketed exposures and blend/fuse the exposures together either before stitching (my preference) or as part of the stitching software’s own workflow (another good method, just not my own preference).

    Whatever you do, don’t shift the exposures for individual shots in one set. :)

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