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    Gustav Basch
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    Hi all,
    I dabbled with 360 VR’s a few years ago using PTGui, D700, 10mm FE lens. Gave it up, but this weekend came across my Samyung 8mm lens which I use on a NEX-7 and it sparked my interest again.
    Although I never explored it fully, I was always interested in creating an interactive pano from a single image and restrict the viewing parameters. I respect the school of thought that it has to be 360 or nothing, but sometimes I have a scenario where I would love to only show what I;m seeing in front of me, because what’s above, below and behind me is not interesting! And I;d like to display it “interactively”.
    I remember there was a way to create an equirectangular image with PTgui from a single FE image, and then setting the parameters so that the yaw and pitch stop at the black bits.
    Can anyone recommend a free (or cheap) way to accomplish this? I think it would be a neat way to display images on Facebook… Thanks in advance ;-)


    Keith Martin
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    Hi Gustav – you may find a tool I made useful. Exif Fixer helps people get panoramas working in Facebook, including cylinders and partial panoramas.

    See http://thatkeith.com/exiffixer for details and download links. Oh, and it’s free.



    Gustav Basch
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    Thanks Keith, I gave it go and it works great! I wasn’t sure if there was a way to set the default FoV so it’s not zoomed out so far. But then realised that Facebook prompts you for the “start” view at which you can zoom in a bit. Great work thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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