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    Tony Juays
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    Hi there,
    New to this forum and 360° images.

    So far I have created 360° with my drone and using my Canon 5D MK III. I am happy with the end results but I would like to use something that can take multiple images with a single click but also give me the hi-resolution image. I use AutoPano Giga and Panotours Pro.

    I have been looking at the Panono for about $2500.00 are there any other options out there in a similar price range and image quality?

    Thanks in advance.



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    panono has recently declared bankruptcy after over-promising and under delivering on their 360 camera, so i would personally avoid investing in this device as future support is uncertain at best


    while the panono apparently did produce better quality images in some ways vs ricoh theta etc, jamming 36 camera modules into a small sphere has too many potential points of failure for my taste, lose 1 out of 36 and send it to a bankrupt company for repair ? no thanks ;)

    ricoh is supposed to release a new theta 4k model soon, and samsung and others are releasing new 360 cams every other month, but these $300 – $500 range cameras will not come close to a $2000+ DSLR in image quality or resolution

    your best bet might be to use a 360° video rig for 360° stills, entaniya makes excellent 220°+ FOV fisheye for gopro etc, and other solutions for m43 etc are available at freedom360




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