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    Mistika and Mecha Stereopanoramas

    Dear colleagues, Roman Dudek, software engineer of the S.G.O, Mistika VR, is my neighbour here in the Canary Islands, so I got to know this “soft” in depth, and I thought it was necessary to make this communication, and use this channel to answer your questions.

    Mistika VR has no application in Panography. If the panorama has been captured correctly there will be no parallax, and then Mistika cannot contribute anything.

    Roman, built Mistika VR, with the clear intention of stereoscopy, to align the NON Nodal 360º captures. What has happened is that the use of Mistika VR has become widespread for 2D video, due to the fact that in a VR video camera ALL entrance pupils are nodally misaligned. But Mistika’s initial goal is stereoscopy, and is still waiting for “The Perfect VR S3D Video Camera”.

    Mistika works on “presets” but until now could not work with photos, because there was no standardization in the capture. Now we can make “presets” that work perfectly if the capture is done with exact precision, and this is where Mecha E1 makes the difference.

    If we make a preset for “Twin Cameras” and a rotation of 60º, this preset will work perfectly, simply if we make the capture using the program number 2 (60º) of Mecha.

    In summary, Mistika VR is a Stereoscopic software, designed to align right and left views by interpolation, and eliminates parallax errors derived from non nodal capture, using the “Optical Flow”.

    I am at your disposal to try to solve all your doubts. Javi.



    John Matulis
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    i bet the Obsidian cameras would work nicely w this sw


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