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    Vincent Swann
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    Hello IVRPA!

    I have been working on a 360 video platform called Vue360 for the past couple of months. We are very excited to finally release the first version of our app in Google Play, as well as the iOS App Store.

    I’m very happy with how the navigation functionality of our app works, which was the main focus for us on this first version. That being said, we are needing to improve our content before I start to promote the app!

    I truly believe that for this medium to take off correctly, collaboration is a must between content producers and people like myself. That being said, i’d love to see what you guys think about the app itself! Any feedback would be much appreciated! We are also looking for content posters as well, so if you are interested, please email me at Vincent@Vue360.com

    Google Play Link:

    iOS Store Link:


    Dmitry Prikhodko
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    What Android devices it’s compatible with? None of my 5 dev models are compatible :(

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