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    Bartosz Krawczyk
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    I have to scan few A1 projects using A4 scanner. I make it several times when with succes when input format was A3. It will be dificcult to scan this A1 on roller scanner becouse the paper is torn in same area. By problem is that when I try to spilt this pictures some straight lines are makeing by panotour into courved lines. Probably program treat whis input pics like they was making by fish eye. Have somebody suggestion how to set autopano to work best with pictures making by flat scanner ? Meyby it is necesery to make changes to not 360 panorama but something other format.
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    Denis Gadenne
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    Hello I’m not an expert I made a reproduction of a map of 1.50 X 0.40 cm to put it on the internet:
    I took 5 photos with 30% overlap for each photo, I think the overlap is very important, I corrected the slight curves with PhotoShop, then I assembled them with “Panotour.”
    you can see the result here. <http://gadenne.net/carte/carte.html

    Bonjour je ne suis pas un expert j’ai fais une reproduction d’une carte géographique de 1.50 X 0.40 cm pour la mettre sur internet :
    j’ai pris 5 photos avec pour chaque photos 30 % de chevauchements, je crois que le chevauchement est très important, j’ai corrigées avec PhotoShop les légeres courbes, puis je les ai assemblées avec “Panotour.”
    vous pouvez voir le résultat ici. <http://gadenne.net/carte/carte.html

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