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    George Chan
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    Dear All,

    I know lots has been written about this, but hope my query is slightly different?

    I have been asked to provide a number of 360 photos for a school. Each image must be branded with the school’s own logo, using their own type-face and each must have at least one information point embedded within the 360 photo. They need to have it in perpetuity.

    I know lots of hosting sites will jump in and suggest I try them out, but I can’t see any that are White-branded, provide interactivity (tags within photos), and are free to use. This last point is important because the client doesn’t want to pay every month / year to keep hosting the 360 photos, and neither do in, in perpetuity.

    Is there an option I’m missing? I know it’s a rapidly developing field, so hoping someone knows something I don’t! Is there software that you can use to make your own 360 photos, insert interactive tags within photos, and deliver straight to client without using one of the hosting sites, for example?

    Many thanks for collective knowledge.



    Jürgen Schrader
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    Of course there is.
    Panoramic photography has been a serious business years before Google even knew what that is.
    So no surprise there are different options to build your own tours. For a school and anyone else who wants to keep control over their images it is highly recommended to use their own servers or hosting platform, which most likely they already have.
    To build tours, please have a look at Pano2VR from Gardengnomesoftware and Panotour Pro from Kolor, or if you feel comfortable at xml scripting look at krpano.com.


    Sam Rohn
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    marzipano and pannellum are also good choices if you are looking for free open source software to create 360° tours, but not as full featured as the commercial apps mentioned by jürgen



    also see this page for a list of links and tutorials for shooting and stitching 360° panoramas, as well as creating and hosting your own 360° tours



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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