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    Evening All,
    I have returned to ther world of panos and vr tours after an absence of around 5 years – I was previously a member of IVRPA and attended the conference in Palmela, Portugal. I will be rejoining soon, and hope to attend the Belfast sessions. I am interested to see the new developments in the world of vr and have bought myself a Theta to play around with – I can’t believe how small and lightweight the new ‘toys’ are after carrying my heavy Nikon DSLR, plus tripod, a variety of heads by 360 Precision, Manfrotto and Nodal Ninja plus lenses etc, all of which can now stay at home! It’s good also to recognise a number of names still active from Palmela, and I look forward to meeting again in Belfast – good also to see the software providers still going – with the exception of Kolor of course :-(
    I see that some things remain the same however ie closing the nadir, and I would appreciate feedback on how I can close the nadir in the attached image, which I am having trouble with as the floor has different coloured tiles: the image was taken with the Theta on a monopod. I have tried (failed) using a variety of software including Affinity and their inpainting brush tool, and the touch retouch app, but so far with mixed, disappointing results. As I don’t really want to place a logo / stamp over the hole, I’d be grateful to hear if there is anything new in this context and any suggestions on how to improve my miserable failures so far – guidance and pointers on where I can find tutorials would be appreciated.
    Thanks and regards,
    Haydn Thomas (UK based)

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