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    Felix Schickel
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    Hey guys,

    i have a major problem with the exporting of the virtual tour using Panotour Pro form Kolor.
    After I finished the tour, I end up with an Html5 link which is bound to my laptop and therefore I can not share it. I looked up some things and got the ftp client filezilla, my hosting details and so on but how to go on from there is the problem. What do I have to create so the file is uploaded to my server, so I can share it as a link and potential clients can embed it on there website?

    I hope you can help me with this! Thanks a lot.


    saul burgos
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    I only could find this link:


    I hope can help you

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    Felix Schickel
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    Thanks Saul,

    i tried it the way they did it but as their wiki is auto of date since August it doesn’t work. I might have to get in touch with Kolor.

    Thanks again


    Jürgen Schrader
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    Did you upload the entire folder and subfolders?


    Felix Schickel
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    Ja, habe ich. Ich hab die Projekt Datei und den Html link, der von Panotour erstellt wird, beides bei FileZilla hochgeladen. Dies lief dann so ab. public_html- VR Touren, dann in den Ordner Touren und dann in den jeweiligen Projekt Ordner. Nach dem hochladen soll man ja einen Link bekommen der genutzt werden kann. Dies funktionierte jedoch bisher nie.

    Yes I did. I uploaded the project data and the respective html link both to filezilla. I did it like this 1. public_html- Vr Tour folder, Subfolder Tour, Subfolder for the specific project. Now after the upload i was supposed to receive a link that can be used for sharing the tour, that however never worked out and now I consequently am out of ideas.


    Bartosz Krawczyk
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    Your html file ( not folder with data) should by named “index.html”.


    Felix Schickel
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    Hey Hey,

    thank you for all your tips I managed to figure it out with the help of a colleague!


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