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    I am in the process of designing an immersive display for a museum type of exhibit. The display will be a wrap-around panoramic video projection.

    I need software that can do the image warping, and edge blending needed for a multi-projector set-up onto a curved screen. But what I need is software that will do the video playback, as well as playback the motion data, and trigger things like the seat rumbler, and the fan.

    One that I was going to use turned out to only be available as a subscription. And I really don’t want the project to be dependent upon the vendor staying in business, or the annual price going up a lot in the future. Some of the smart-home devices have suffered from these issues.

    The commercial offerings I have seen so far, seem to start at around $800 USD. But, that is definitely too expensive for us right now.

    MapMap was on option I looked at, but it doesn’t seem to support multiple projectors.

    SimTools has a low cost option for private use. But, if it is for the public, they only offered a subscription. There is no way I am going to design a system and invest the time into learning their software, only to have it potentially be wasted because the company folded and so I could not renew my subscription.

    Any suggestions for blending and warping software that can handle multiple projectors and costs under $200?


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