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    Hi There,

    I’m struggling to create a 360 video, I have 6 GoPro cameras and a 6 camera mount, I’ve accumulated them over time so I have 2x Hero 3 cameras, 2x hero 3+ and now 2x hero 4. All of these cameras do 1440 x 48 fps and that is what I aim shooting at and at the moment am using a demo of Autopano Video Pro. I understand the 4 may have better colour balance etc but the colour correction in the software should sort that out mostly.
    I’m getting poor stitching, the background seems ok but have trouble getting the foreground to stitch correctly

    There are three stitching templates I’ve used in Kolor, GoPro 3, GoPro 3+/4 and mixed lenses, all seem to produce the same output. I’ve tried manually syncing the videos in

    I’m using this mount, it’s not the most expensive but it appears to cover all angles just like any others:


    This is an example of video:



    I tried another video indoors with the thought that the autostitching software was focusing on the background but this produced the exact same result, I’d think it’s not enough cameras to be that close to the mount about 1.5 to 2 meters away but then in this video below, they use the same style 6 camera mountand stitches ok…..



    Any help would be so gratefully received! I’m going to Egypt in 2 weeks and am hoping to make sure 360 videos but at the moment that’s not looking hopeful. It is was definitely the mount then I’d spruce for another but I can’t see it is because the cameras do overlap, the next thing it could be is the different cameras, but I thought it’d be ok as it’s using he same frame size and rate.


    Many thanks,




    Luke Albers
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    Hi Jason,

    You may be able to use the mask tool in Giga to improve your result – see here:


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