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    One of the many benefits of belonging to the International VR Professionals Association is to be listed in the IVRPA members directory. This is a searchable list that visitors to the site and other members can use to find colleagues and collaborators. It also can help boost your business SEO by adding bios, panoramas, and relevant links for your business or portfolio. A link to your portfolio is also included when you make comments/posts on the forum or participate as a speaker at one of IVRPA’s international conferences.

    Quickly update your profile by following these simple steps:

    1. Log in on the main page of https://www.ivrpa.org.
    2. Select the drop-down in the top right corner and select Edit Profile.
    3. Here you will have the option to update your display name, email address, company information and set your profile picture.

    Tanja Barnes
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    This is really great, Roxanne. Thanks! This would make an excellent blog post. Do you still have access to the blog?


    Sam Rohn
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    • ★★★★

    this is better as forum post topic (for users and members) vs news article (for general public) imo, so i’m gonna make this a sticky in web forum

    a few days ago there was a glitch in our avatar plugin resulting in a few dozen user avatars that had been uploaded by admins (not user uploaded) being accidentally deleted, so any user who sees they have a blank avatar should upload a new one, sorry about this but it was not a predictable or deliberate event, just a software bug


    before uploading your profile avatar image file, please name your avatar file something like “my-name-ivrpa.jpg”, use your own name (or company name) and dashes “-“, not spaces ” ” or underscore “_”

    proper image file names will mean your ivrpa profile will do better in google searches AND you will make life much easier for the hard working IVRPA site admins trying to keep this all organized :)

    good avatar file names: (use your own name, of course)
    • sam-rohn-ivrpa.jpg
    • sam-rohn-avatar.jpg
    • sam-rohn-photographer.jpg
    • Comapny-Name-logo.jpg (sponsor avatar and logos etc)
    • etc

    bad avatar file names: bad file names are not descriptive or relevant or unique
    • sam old photo 2016.jpg
    • sam_the_man_2cool4school.jpg
    • sr.jpg
    • avatar.jpg
    • etc

    very bad avatar file names: random alphanumeric name is not helpful when searching for lost files, please don’t use image file names like this
    • 57e46378d4a0e2b3bccc69c5c2f4d570.jpg
    • IMG_0745.jpg
    • etc



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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