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    nevan riley
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    I’m currently using a Gear 360 for fun, but I would like to start creating tours for clients and don’t think a consumer model is good enough. What would be a good next step in terms of hardware? I was looking at the Insta 360 Pro, but I am hoping there is something similar that doesn’t cost $4,000.


    Jürgen Schrader
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    It depends as always.
    You would have to specify your goals and the expectations of your client to get a more precise recommendation.
    Actually there is a huge gap between entry level cameras and “next higher level” equipment. Mind that you also will need specific software and editing expertise depending on the desired outcome.


    nevan riley
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    Thanks for the reply!

    I created this…


    The realtor was quite happy, but did comment on the quality.

    So my short term goal is to increase the quality of the images. Gear 360 is obviously quite limited so something that could improve the quality up to around $1000 would suit.

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