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    jagabo jagabo
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    I want to know which is best in DSLR shoots. I want to buy DSLR for my upcoming university projects.


    jagabo jagabo
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    I have been hesitating these days, and today I decided to choose the Nikon digital SLR camera series. I am hesitant in the following cameras. Which one do you think is better?


    Keith Martin
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    There isn’t one ‘best’ DSLR I’m afraid. As a general point Nikon, Canon, Sony and others make some excellent cameras. When it comes to what is best for you, that depends on a number of factors including the kind of work you want to do and your budget.

    For example, the Nikon D7500 is a great camera, as is the D7200 it replaced, and their prices are relatively affordable. These are both DX sensor cameras, so any lens you use is effectively 50% ‘longer’ than normal; a 50mm lens delivers the view angle of a 75mm lens and so on. For 360 VR shooting it’s normal to use as wide an angle lens as possible, so this can be a slight challenge – but it’s not impossible to deal with.
    Alternatively, the Nikon D850 is an absolutely incredible camera, and it has an FX (full size) sensor. You could buy this tomorrow and still be using it very happily in 2029… but it costs a LOT more.

    What kind of stuff do you plan to shoot? What is your budget?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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