(Originally presented on March 25th, 2023)

Join us for a look at what it takes to produce one of the most comprehensive virtual tours on the internet with its creator, Scott Highton.

During Covid, there were many roundups of the best virtual tours or visits in media worldwide. Virtual Yosemite featured prominently in nearly all of them. If you haven’t seen it, take some time to explore Virtual Yosemite for yourself. This webinar will not be a simple showing of the tour. We are going behind the scenes to learn all its secrets. For instance:

What does it take to produce such a massive project -- over 400 panos with integrated maps, directional sound, and text?

How do you monetize it?

What lessons have been learned?

What benefits were gained?

What is the origin story?

How do you plan such an undertaking?

You will learn things in this presentation that can help up the game for your projects.

This webinar is free to the VR/XR community, but you must register to attend:

Register now to view the webinar on-demand, running nearly two hours.

You can also download a transcript complete with the all the graphics used and links to individual tour locations at

This is the first in a series of IVRPA webinars this year with content for VR/XR creatives that you won’t easily find elsewhere. Stay tuned.

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