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VR is not mainstream... and that's a problem for all of us! For our industry to survive and grow, we need to build our audience. To do that, we must provide engaging content to attract more viewers into headsets.

Rachel and Brad, 360/VR filmmakers, will explain how 360 documentary storytelling is the perfect entry point into the world of VR, allowing more people to interact with the technology of VR while at the same time building interest for the medium and inspiring the next generation of creators.

They will share their experiences as creators and illustrate the inherent strengths of 360 documentary storytelling through vivid examples from their recent and ongoing work, including "Through Darcelle's Eyes" - a 360 documentary about the world's oldest drag queen, "With the Wind and the Stars" a 360 docuseries about female pilots, and a groundbreaking new project about the transgender POC community.

Together, Rachel and Brad will demonstrate how 360 documentaries are perfectly poised to carry the entire VR industry forward by making it more diverse, creative, and accessible.

Date and time for this talk at IVRPA Belfast 2019 is TBD.

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Rachel Bracker Hungry Mantis


Rachel is a 360°/VR filmmaker with a passion for immersive storytelling. At her company Hungry Mantis, she works with clients to create 360° videos and traditional videos for training, education, and entertainment. In her 360° docuseries “With the Wind and the Stars,” she puts viewers inside the cockpit and onto the surface of Mars to…

Bradley Gill 360 Labs


Brad Gill is a Portland VR filmmaker with a degree in Advertising Management from Portland State University. He has been working diligently in the virtual reality medium for over 6 years. He believes that virtual reality can help save the world if used for good. After graduating from PSU, Brad has worked with a variety…

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