I will be presenting our latest approach “MegaParallax” for creating rich 360° panoramas with motion parallax.

The input to our approach is a single video of a camera sweep of a real 360° environment. Based on our novel multi-perspective panorama representation, we can then generate new images from the viewpoint of the viewer on the fly.

Crucially, the newly generated images are different for different viewpoints. This results in convincing motion parallax and produces a compelling depth perception. This enriched 360° panoramic experience can be explored in real time with a virtual reality headset, without relying on potentially unreliable depth maps or 3D geometry.

More information on our approach can be found on our project page:

Date and time for this talk at IVRPA Belfast 2019 is TBD.

Presented by

Christian Richardt

Christian is a Lecturer (=assistant professor) and EPSRC-UKRI Innovation Fellow at the University of Bath. His research combines insights from vision, graphics and perception to reconstruct visual information from images and videos, to create high-quality visual experiences with a focus on 6-degree-of-freedom VR video.

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