VR is exploding, and there's a real sense of goldrush fever in the industry. New ideas, new apps, new techniques, whole new technologies... it's all happening now, faster than ever before. If you're involved in any of these you might think you could be forgiven (as the saying goes) for trying to keep everything to yourself. But no, you shouldn't be. Forgiven, that is. Okay, if we're talking IP, investors and specific (non-trolling) copyright it's probably fair enough – but for everything else, the best way we can keep our industry growing and new ideas developing is to share. It's understood in academia (see Science as a Team Sport) and there's no reason for this to be different in industry.

That's why the recent IVRPA conference in Québec was so successful: it was a meeting of experts, experimenters, entrepreneurs and learners, all talking together as peers. There were near mind-blowing workshops on the expert use of KRPano, announcements and production tutorials of new software from Kolor, and the development of whole new filmmaking terminologies and concepts with Liquid Cinema.

But, while the quality of the speakers was exceptional, what really made this conference so good was the willingness of absolutely everyone to share their knowledge. Outside of the formal scheduled talks there was debate, brain-picking and good old-fashioned networking going on each day and evening. IVRPA Québec 2016 was a hothouse of the highest order; it was an absolute delight to be there! That's how an industry grows, that's how standards are established and how we all get better at what we do. (If you're an IVRPA member you'll be able to see the videos of all the sessions very soon. It won't be the same as being there, but at least you will have the luxury of being able to pause and rewind!)

So what's my point? Simple: there's gold in them VR hills... and the more we help each other the more there will be for us all.

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