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IVRPA members were fortunate to learn from experts about how the companies and products they are developing are transforming the immersive web. They shared how applications and collaboration across a broad range of devices make XR more convenient and widely accessible. 

All members can access the videos at anytime after the event via this link.

Speakers include:

Gabe Baker, winner of ‘Polys’ WebXR Developer of the Year award for ‘Frame’, will talk about the use of Frame for collaboration in and creation of 3D environments right from the web browser, and about the significance of WebXR for the Immersive Web and the Metaverse.

Richard Jackson of Virtronix will talk about their experience using Frame with clients, in the process of developing projects using an array of technologies including 360 photography, drone photogrammetry, 3DVista and Matterport to deliver 3D virtual tours and experiences.

Kai Frazier is the Founder and CEO of Kai XR - an inclusive virtual reality platform where kids can explore VR field trips and improve their tech skills by creating their very own VR adventures. Kai will talk about the Kai XR platform, 360 Field Trips and 360 in Education.

Thomas Wallner of DEEP Inc. will be introducing JackKnife XR,  the third generation of their revolutionary Liquid Cinema application. Thomas will be demonstrating with examples from 'Project Origami' that they developed for Facebook/Oculus, using JackKnife XR as an authoring tool for creating interactive experiences combining traditional and immersive video, panoramic stills, depth maps, 2D graphics, text, menus and 3D objects, all available in WebXR.

Julie Smithson is Co-Founder of MetaVRse. Julie will talk about MetaVRse Engine, a universal 3D/XR creation tool and editor for Marketing, Commerce, Training and Education. Their mission at MetaVRse is to unlock the power of spatial computing (3D/XR) for everyone.

Leen Segers is Founder of LucidWeb, a deep-tech startup based in Brussels specialised in WebXR, which includes WebVR as well as WebAR. Leen will talk about how LucidWeb’s use of WebXR technology allows high-quality VR, (interactive) 360° video or 3D models (AR) to be showcased via the consumer browser.

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