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    gianluca milasi
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    Hi everyone,

    i’m looking for an article appeared there some mounths ago.
    It spoke about the importance of the HEIGHT OF THE POINT OF VUE in a panoramic photography using a pole.
    If I remember well it was signed by two twin photographers.

    Does someone can help me to find it?



    Sam Rohn
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    2 twin pano photographers would be Jürgen & Markus Matern, they are both IVRPA members but i do not believe either one of them have posted about this in these forums

    you can use the searchbox on the sidebar of this page to search for pole, but i found nothing like you describe posted here

    it may have been here, in the nodal ninja panorama pole forum – http://www.nodalninja.com/forum/forum/product-solutions/fanotec-carbon-fiber-poles




    gianluca milasi
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    Found it !

    Distance: The Major Element of Composition in Spherical Photography – Vienna 2017

    Yes, they were, Jürgen & Markus Matern.

    Published in news section, that’s why it did not appear in the search results.

    Thanks a lot Sam


    John Matulis
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    dynamics is single most important aspect of pano photo


    Bryn Erickson
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    We’ve been testing some pole stuff at Realvision. We’d be happy to share our experiences with you if you are interested. Here is an example with one of the nodal ninja poles we’ve been testing with.


    Luc Villeneuve
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    gianluca milasi, there is a video from Jürgen and Markus Matern. it is available for IVRPA members in our video archive for Vienna 2017 conference.



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