Jeremiah Scott will present several case studies in Virtual Tour applications at Boeing. Sharing an overview of the APEX team’s proven processes and several key components that have been critical to leveraging the traditional idea of a virtual tour as a vital tool instead of a “nice to have” item.

Jeremiah will also share several tools that have been implemented in the virtual tours that enable collaboration, data sharing, editing as well as 3D model alignments. These tools have proven to be very beneficial for the industrial manufacturing and aerospace engineering challenges that we utilize them for at Boeing.

Beyond the use cases and tools, Jeremiah will review the hardware we’ve found most beneficial, the 360 kits used over the years, and the latest shooting processes that have delivered streamlined quality. We’ll also share the processing rhythms and quality gates that have been put into play to ensure consistent and top tier quality with every project delivery.

While each project is unique, standardizations have enabled huge improvements in the capacity as well as growth for the team. Each project has its requirements but standardizing the ways that we support those means that we can streamline our support, and manage many simultaneous projects with our diverse team. Jeremiah will share some of the techniques used to manage the many technical schedule and process challenges that come up on every project and what methods are used to address those while building up the team’s collaboration and capabilities.

Date and time for this talk at IVRPA Belfast 2019 is TBD.

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Jeremiah Scott Boeing

Jeremiah leads a team of technical photographers, coders and retouching experts building Virtual Tours for a myriad of applications at Boeing. “APEX” or Advanced Photographic Engineering Experience -Virtual Tours are utilized as interactive platforms and aligned with manufacturing processes. By leveraging high-quality photography with engineering levels of accurate retouching, we’ve configured the traditional idea of…

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