QooCam 360° / 3D 180° All-in-one Camera Review

4K camera QooCam that not only shoots 360 video and photos but also supports VR180 mode with the unique rotatable design.

The different Qoocam settings modes are:


Qoocam settings

QooCam also offers more than 180 hours shooting battery life and good audio quality, F.2.2 Shutter speed 60 secs to 1/4000 ISO 100 to 3200.

The Qoocam comes with a nice and very stable cap holder, a soft bag to carry, chargeable cable, monopod 32X75 cm with 3 legs mini stand. You will need to get a mini SD card (up to 256GB).

Most of the post-production process could be done directly from the app to your phone or tablet. Depending on your capacity you can also process the images/video on your PC/Mac by downloading and installing Qoocam studio: https://www.kandaovr.com/download/ The Qoocam studio is very easy to use.


Here is the video I made for you with some 360° raw samples in different lighting conditions:

The camera's ultra-smooth stabilization is very impressive. Here is a video showing how the stabilization works:

Photo Quality Boost with Kandao Raw+

  1. First, you need to download Adobe DNG converter and the Kandao Raw+ software from https://www.kandaovr.com/download/.
  2. Take pictures in DNG8 mode, the camera will do a burst shot and capture 8 DNGs. (Note, the eight DNGs were taken in an extremely short time and with the same exposure level, this is the biggest difference between Raw+ and Bracketing.)
  3. Then, find the sequence of eight DNGs and drag & drop them into Raw+ software. The Raw+ will auto-recognize the sequence according to the file names.
  4. Select the sharpest DNGs from the eight, and drag it into the top of the sequence list.
  5. Click Render, then the software will use it as a reference photo and combine the rest of seven into a better, clearer DNG file.
  6. The final step is to fine-tune and adjust the new DNG in Photoshop (It will open automatically as a RAW file) and stitch it into a 360 with Qoocam Studio.

Facebook–Ready 3D Photo

Using 3D 180-degree view, QooCam allows users to tap on the subjects in a different distance of a photo to create a bokeh effect, shoot first and refocus later. Based on the same tech, QooCam is the first VR camera that offers a native way to post 3D photos to the Qoocam Facebook timeline making the memories pop up. Before that, only users who have an iPhone with a dual-lens camera are able to create this effect.

The basic principle of these cool features is the depth mapping that can estimate the distance of subjects in a picture, while Qoocam makes it much easier to connect to Facebook’s existing workflow.

180° 3D video Example

Example of the Time Lapse on Dark conditions

One of the most impressive is that Kandao company keep releasing updates and new very easy to use tutorials so you can use this camera to do many cool effects and get the best of the 360° medium, it keeps creating new possibilities for the amateur and to do a fast 360° imagery effects and cool over captures normal videos all made inside the app editor, which is compatible with IOS and Android phones.

Smart Clip (over capture):

Dolly Zoom:


Super Slow Motion:


More tutorials and guides: https://www.kandaovr.com/user-guide/

This camera opens up new option and possibilities to use 360° with very fast way, of course, if you want to do something special you always need a bit more time and planning but all the tools are here and easy to use, giving you new ways to explore the world in 360°.

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