1One of the main issues shooters face when shooting 360 VR, is that uneven camera movements can make the viewer feel uneasy and even nauseous. Jerky movements coupled with rolling shutter can also make it very hard to stitch a 360 together, introducing errors that are time consuming to try to rectify. For this reason most high end professional VR shooting up until now has been done from a fixed position. If the camera is moved it is done on a dolly, track or specialised buggy.

An obvious solution to this would be to use a brushless gimbal to stabilise the camera, the only problem being that it is hard to minimise the appearance of the gimal in your shot. Tarzan-G which is capable of supporting rigs up to 3kg in weight. The gimbal features an internal battery that can last up to around five hours. TARZAN VR Gimbal has both a 3.8″ and a 1/2 20″ mounting holes on the bottom of the unit which makes it very convenient for mounting onto monopods, tripods, or any other compatible device. This means you can position it up high on a pole and use the gimbal to stabilise the shot. The gimbal can also help to get better static and moving shots in conditions where there is a lot of wind.

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5 thoughts on “VR Stabilizer For GoPro OMNI

  1. How is this good for the Omni specifically? Sounds to me like the visibility of other stabilizers that can handle the weight is their only problem.
    But since the Omni is only used for post-production, while not ideal for every situation, you could paste a logo on the bottom/top stitching artifact.

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